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Nice to meet you, and welcome to our benefits website! Here, you’ll find details on all the goodies waiting for you at Workday. Some of them are purely for fun and aww’s, like Workdogs. Others are pretty darn important, like medical and prescription drug insurance. This page is a summary. But feel free to have a look around.

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Medical and prescription drug

Routine checkups and screenings. Care when you’re sick or injured. Medications when you need them. Our plans have you covered.


Be ready for picture day. Our dental plans will keep your smile shiny and bright.


It’s a beautiful world. The vision plan can help you see it clearly.

Virtual care

Get nonemergency care whenever and wherever you need it, just by using your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Also, our Pleasanton office has an onsite clinic.


A wellness reimbursement and an onsite gym and health clinic in Pleasanton? Score!

Mental and emotional

Mental health support

From your first day at Workday, you and your family members have access to mental health specialists in person and virtually.

Parental support

There’s no how-to manual for raising a kid. But free access to developmental and behavioral experts can take some of the pressure off.

Wellbeing resources

$50 per month to spend on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Menopause care. A Workday community focused on feeling great—together. We have it all.


401(k) plan

Your future is bright. Let’s save for it together.

Health Savings Account (HSA)

Use it now, tomorrow, or in 20 years. Save up for medical, prescription drug, dental, and vision expenses with pretax money.

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs)

Set aside pretax money for health care or caretaking expenses.

Commuter benefits

All aboard! This is the train to savings.

Life and AD&D insurance

If the worst-case scenario happens, life and AD&D insurance financially protects those who rely on your income.

Disability insurance

Whether you’re on the shelf for six weeks, six months, or longer, disability insurance stabilizes your finances when you can’t work.

Legal assistance

Our ruling: that you rule. Legal insurance covers you for routine and complex matters.

Other insurance

For life’s just-in-case moments, we offer accident, critical illness, hospital, and long-term care insurance.

Financial planning

Making good financial decisions is both an art and a science. We have experts ready to guide you.

College savings and loan payment

Save for future education expenses through a 529 plan, or pay off student loans through payroll deductions.

Workday deals

*infomercial voice*

But wait, that’s not all! If you become a Workmate, you get all kinds of products even cheaper!

Stock purchase

Work is an investment of your time. It’s only fair that we give you the option to make a financial investment in Workday—at a discount. 

Social and flex

Time off

You do you. All Workmates get paid time off to do the best thing of all: whatever.

Leaves of absence

Life happens. When your attention needs to be elsewhere, we’ll help you figure it out.

Backup child and elder care

When you’re in a pinch, you’ll always have a fallback plan. Your loved ones will always be cared for.

Family planning and support

We’re with you all the way when you decide to grow your family. Take advantage of up to $25,000 lifetime reimbursement for fertility, adoption, and surrogacy services. You also have 24/7 maternity and postpartum care, plus free milk shipping if you’re traveling for work.

Caregiver support

Caring for someone who needs you can become overwhelming. Let someone else handle the details.


Work. But with dogs. We have six lucky offices that allow your furry bestie to come to work with you on occasion. And we’ll even give them a badge!

Shelter pet subsidy

Fostering, adopting, or supporting an animal shelter begins lifelong friendships. We’re proud to subsidize shelter pet adoptions or to support an animal shelter of your choice.

Pet insurance

He swallowed what? Vet bills are much easier to stomach when your friend, who’ll eat anything, is insured.

Social clubs and giving back

Dive headfirst into your hobbies and causes. Join a club, get your volunteer project funded, or donate to an eligible charity of your choice with a Workday match.

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