What you need to know

You’ve looked at your benefit options, made your decisions, and are ready to enroll. Now comes the easy part. For most of your benefits, you enroll by logging on to Workday. But keep in mind that a couple of your money-related benefits require separate setup: the 401(k) plan and Health Savings Account (HSA).


Go to Workday

Enroll in the following benefits using Workday:

Don’t skip this task

Be sure to complete the enrollment task in Workday, even if you’re not enrolling in health care or other benefits. That’s where you’ll name your beneficiary for life and AD&D insurance.

Decisions, decisions...

Insurance companies talk in a totally different language. And, since your medical plan choice affects your health and your wallet, you want to feel confident in it. That's where our medical plan decision tool can help.

Help me pick a plan

Go to Fidelity

Visit the Fidelity website to complete your access to these benefits:

  • 401(k) plan: Enroll in the 401(k) plan, and select your contribution amount and investments.
  • Health Savings Account (HSA): After you enroll in the HSA and select your contribution amount in Workday, you need to set up your HSA with Fidelity.

Don’t forget your HSA

If you enroll in an eligible medical plan and elect the HSA, you still need to set up your HSA with Fidelity to get Workday's HSA contributions.

Enroll in the ESPP

You may only enroll in the Employee Stock Purchase Plan during one of the semi-annual enrollment periods following your hire date, one in May and one in November.

You will receive communications ahead of each ESPP enrollment period. To enroll during the enrollment period, find the Open Enrollment Change task on your Workday home page. Click on that link or open it from your Workday Inbox.

No enrollment required

Yeah, we know it's fun selecting all your benefits, but there are some you get without lifting a finger. To name a few: