What you need to know

We know how a little belly rub therapy can really lift your spirits. That’s why your trained and obedient four-legged friend is welcome to join you occasionally if you work in one of our dog-friendly offices. (The property management company determines an office’s dog-welcoming status. If it were only up to us, half our Workmates would be playing fetch.)


Where Workdogs can sit, lie down, and roll over

Workdogs are allowed in the following locations (and not in any other Workday locations, due to property management rules):

  • Pleasanton: Buildings 5928, 6000, 6110, 6130, 6140, 6150, 6160
  • Atlanta
  • Beaverton
  • Boulder
  • Palo Alto
  • Salt Lake City
  • Vancouver

Our property managers can revoke Workday’s dog privileges at any time if they believe Workmates aren’t adhering to the Workdog policy. So if you want to keep your furry friends around, keep following the rules!


To participate in the Workdog program, you must complete the application process.

Get your Workdog’s access badge

Before bringing your dog to work, you must register your Workdog by submitting an application (fetch it from the Workdogs page), along with the required proof of vaccinations and a photo of your dog for their ID badge. (Pant, pant. Almost there.) Once you’ve gotten the green light, you can schedule your dog for a visit on your location’s Workdog Calendar. (Wag, wag, wag.) The maximum number of dogs allowed at any given time is different for each building.


For all things Workdogs, including policy, rules, and applications, go to the Workdogs page, and contact workdog.program@workday.com or your local Workplace Coordinator with any questions.