What you need to know

Family comes first. And when something unexpected happens, like your child care provider gets sick the day of that important meeting, you need a solution—fast. That’s why Workday offers flexible options for child care and elder care needs when your regular arrangements fall through. With Care.com, you can find a fully vetted, background-checked caregiver or licensed facility in a pinch. We also offer a subsidy if you use a provider outside the Care.com network; plus, along with this subsidy, you can use your Dependent Care FSA. No matter the situation, when your day turns upside down, we have you covered, so you can balance work with your dependent-care needs.


  • Care.com offers a fully vetted caregiver or licensed facility in a pinch. Register with Care.com, and get reimbursed for up to $1,500 per year of provider services. You’ll also find resources for finding ongoing child care, elder care, pet sitting, housecleaning, and more.
  • Workday’s backup child care subsidy is an option if you’re in a jam and need (or want) to use a care provider or facility outside the Care.com network. Think of it as a “backup to the backup.”
  • If you’re enrolled in a Dependent Care FSA, you can use funds from that account to cover last-minute child care.

How Benefits Work


  • Register for Care.com, and access a network of emergency background-checked resources, including licensed facilities and child or senior caregivers who will come to your home. 
  • Take advantage of an unrestricted number of days per year of backup, short-term, and emergency child or elder care.
    • $10-per-hour copay for in-home child care or elder or adult care (minimum of 4 hours)
    • $20-per-day copay, per child, at participating child care centers (maximum of 10 hours)
  • Eligibility: all U.S. Workmates (except U.S. interns)

Be prepared. Register now.

Do yourself a favor, and register with Care.com now, before you even need their services.

Register with Care.com

Backup Caregiving Subsidy

Use this Workday subsidy when your regular caregiving arrangements fall through (versus your everyday provider). Here are a few examples:

  • Hiring a nanny for the day, because flooding closed your child’s regular day care.
  • Paying for your children to attend an emergency after-school program, because a Care.com provider can’t come to your home.
  • Using a last-minute provider who doesn’t contract with Care.com.
  • Traveling to receive or arrange last-minute backup care.

You can use emergency providers as many times as you need, as long as your total costs don’t exceed $1,500.

  • If you’re newly hired, you can submit any eligible costs incurred on or after your hire date.
  • No receipts required! Use a nanny, au pair, or even a family member to look after your children or elderly parents while you work. 
  • How to submit expenses for reimbursement: Submit a caregiving subsidy reimbursement request through the Request One-Time Payment for Myself task in Workday. Each reimbursement will be paid in the following month’s payroll as a one-time payment and taxed in full, the same way as a bonus payment.
  • Whom you can submit expenses for: Use for care provided to your children and/or elderly parents who live at your home address. Pets are not covered.
  • Questions? Submit a People Guide Request.

Get reimbursed for caregiving expenses

Your reimbursement will be processed in the following month’s payroll as a bonus.

Request one-time payment


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