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Family comes first. So, when your child care provider gets sick the day you’re supposed to travel to your big meeting, you need a solution—and fast. That’s why Workday offers flexible options for caregivers when your regular arrangements fall through. When your day turns upside down, no matter the situation, we’ll help you balance your caregiver emergency and your work.

Care for you

Maybe your in-laws are moving in. Maybe your kids have you pulling your hair out (or they’re tugging on it themselves). Stepping up to care for another person is enough to overwhelm anyone. Use Wellthy to alleviate some of that pressure.

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With Care.com, you can find a fully vetted, background-checked caregiver or licensed facility in a pinch, including at-home caregiving for children and seniors.

Workday provides all U.S. Workmates (not including interns) up to 20 days of discounted backup care at Care.com facilities or care from providers in their network to use on emergency child or elder care. Here’s what it’ll cost:

  • A $10-per-hour copay for in-home child care, elder care, or adult care (minimum of four hours)
  • A $20-per-day, per-child copay at Care.com child care centers (maximum of 10 hours)

Register with Care.com, and find a Care.com caregiver or child care center near you.

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Do yourself a favor, and register with Care.com now, before you even need their services.

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Backup Caregiving Subsidy

With the backup caregiving subsidy from Workday, you can get reimbursed up to $1,500 per year for emergency backup care expenses from caregivers and child care centers outside the Care.com network. Think of it as a backup to the backup.
Here are a few examples of when to use the backup caregiving subsidy:

  • Flooding closed your child’s regular day care, so you need a nanny for the day.
  • A Care.com sitter can’t come to your home, so you pay for an emergency after-school program.
  • Your elderly relative needs respite care.
  • A last-minute provider doesn’t contract with Care.com.
  • You have transit expenses from arranging last-minute backup care.

You can use emergency providers as many times as you need, up to a limit of $1,500 per year.

  • No double dipping! You cannot use this subsidy to pay for Care.com copays.
  • If you’re newly hired, you can submit any eligible costs incurred on or after your hire date.
  • No receipts required! Use a nanny, an au pair, or even a family member to look after your children or elderly parents while you work.

Questions? Submit a People Guide Request.

Get that cash back

Submit a reimbursement request on Workday via the Request One-Time Payment for Myself task. Your reimbursement will show up on the following month’s payroll and is taxed just like a bonus.

Pay me back

How flexible is your Flexible Spending Account?

Very. If you’re enrolled in a Dependent Care FSA, you can use those funds to cover your day care, after-school care, or for disability caregiving expenses. Here are the rules:

  • If it’s for a kid, it must be your kid—and only for your kids under age 13.
  • If it’s related to a person with disabilities, the person must be incapable of self-care, live with you at least eight hours a day, and be claimed as your dependent on your income tax return.
  • The caregiving expenses are only eligible while you, and your spouse if applicable, are working or looking for work.

Visit the IRS website for more information about eligible dependents and expenses. 


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