What you need to know

Each of us has unique needs, strengths, and hurdles. That’s why a one-size-fits-all approach to dealing with people just doesn’t cut it. RethinkCare provides free access to resources to help you better connect, understand, and communicate with others.

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RethinkCare is available to all Workmates at no cost. Once you enroll, you and your family can access:

  • Live, virtual one-on-one consultations with experts who specialize in parenting or workplace neurodiversity. Use the RethinkCare app to schedule virtual consultations when it’s convenient for you—including days, nights, and weekends. You can also access clinically-validated, on-demand video and audio training.
  • Deep clinical expertise, tailored to the individual, whether you want to improve your executive function skills at work or you’re a parent or caregiver supporting a child with learning or developmental disabilities. 

Support for your work

RethinkCare’s professional resilience support can help you build your career and foster inclusivity at work. Support is available to all Workmates—no need for neurodivergent identification or diagnosis.

Here’s what to expect:

  • Evidence-based online training courses on professional development, emotional intelligence, managing stress, and promoting supportive environments for neurodivergent and neurotypical team members
  • Access to one-on-one consultations with staff neurodiversity experts to address your or your team’s specific needs
  • Personalized content to encourage resilience, purpose, and meaning in your work, and to develop a growth mindset
  • Daily sessions, mini courses, and resources to build practical, life-long skills

Support for you when helping your kids

RethinkCare’s parental success support is the next-best thing to a manual for raising your child.

  • Expert-led training courses and articles to support your child’s socialization, social and emotional learning, and academics
  • Access to one-on-one consultations with a dedicated parenting expert. RethinkCare experts are specialists that can help with specific parenting challenges across a broad range of needs, from helping your child reach basic milestones to being a caregiver for children with autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, and Down syndrome.
  • Unlimited access to how-to videos and guided courses for caregivers on practicing self-care, while helping kids build crucial skills around paying attention, staying organized, controlling emotions and impulses, potty training, and more

Support for you

RethinkCare’s personal wellbeing support can help improve your mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing.

  • Daily sessions and mini courses to reduce stress and anxiety, improve your sleep, and enhance your overall wellbeing
  • Short, on-demand wellbeing sessions that easily fit into a busy lifestyle

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Sign up for RethinkCare with the access code WORKDAY101. And make sure you download the app! RethinkCare was designed to be used on a mobile device.

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The caregiving benefits universe

Caregivers are superheroes, and the caregiver benefits we offer are diligent sidekicks. Those benefits work in tandem, and you can use them all, but each one excels in different areas.

RethinkCare is tailored toward addressing behavioral health and neurodiverse needs, both at work and at home, with one-on-one consultations when you need them. It’s a great resource for parents or those taking care of adults, and/or for Workmates who want to learn how to foster an inclusive environment and elevate their careers.

Maven is for family planning, prenatal care, adoption, and pediatric care up to age 10. These resources can help current and expecting parents with mental health support, anxiety, parenting strategy, and career support.

Wellthy is a care concierge benefit to help you with the planning details of caregiving. For administrative support, a dedicated Care Coordinator can schedule appointments, find providers, and work through insurance details for you.