What you need to know

Keep those chompers in tip-top shape! We offer two dental plans for you to choose from. Both plans allow you to visit any licensed dentist. But if you want a smaller bite (get it?) taken out of your wallet, opt for a dentist in your plan’s network.


Chew on this!

We offer two dental plans with identical coverage: one through Delta Dental and another through Cigna. The only difference between the two plans is the plan network. If you’re enrolled in the Delta plan, you should look for Delta dentists in the PPO network. If you’re in the Cigna plan, you want a dentist in the Total DPPO network.

Network dentists

You’re charged only your share of the costs at the time of treatment, and your insurance provider pays its share directly to the dentist. Dentists who belong to your provider’s network contractually cannot bill you for any of the balance above your insurance company’s approved amount. That means you may pay less out of pocket than you would for care at a non-network dentist.

Non-network dentists

You’re responsible for your share of the costs and, if there is any, the difference between the amount your insurance provider pays and the amount your non-network dentist bills. And that could be a lot. Plus, you may have to pay the entire amount in advance and wait for reimbursement.

Pick a dentist, any dentist

You can find a list of network dentists on the Delta or Cigna website. And you really should stay in-network to avoid big bills. Don’t let a lack of due diligence come back to bite you!

Find a Delta dentist Find a Cigna dentist


  • Annual deductible: $50 per person / $150 per family (waived for diagnostic, preventive, and orthodontic services)
  • Annual maximum benefit: $2,500 per person
  • Services: Plan pays 80% for fillings, sealants, endodontics (root canals), periodontics (gum treatment), oral surgery, and repairs to bridges, crowns, inlays, and dentures; plan pays 50% for crowns, inlays, and prosthodontics (bridges, dentures, implants, and night guards).
  • Cast restorations, implants, and night guards: Plan pays 50%.
  • Orthodontic benefits: Plan pays 50%, up to a $2,500 lifetime maximum.

Extra Care When You Need It

Some chronic medical conditions, cancer, and pregnancy, can affect your mouth and teeth. Both dental plans offer special programs for additional dental support.


Call your dental plan administrator to verify which services are eligible.

  • Delta Dental: 800-765-6003
  • Cigna: 800-244-6224

To learn more, check out these documents:

Dental plans don’t typically send ID cards. Most providers know how to look up your coverage without one. However, you can contact your plan carrier if you need to confirm your dental ID number.