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You just had a baby. Your mom is sick and needs a caretaker. You’re dealing with major personal matters. You have a serious illness. There are plenty of reasons you may need to be away from work for more than a week. That’s where a leave of absence comes in.

Initiating a leave of absence

Let’s get this show on the road! The first thing you need to do before going on leave? Tell us you’re leaving! Whenever possible, please complete these steps at least 30 days before your first day of leave:

  1. Call Unum, the Workday leave administrator, at 866-865-9092 to arrange the dates of your leave.
  2. Visit LeaveLogic, Unum’s self-service tool, to process your leave request. The online tool will show you next steps, laws that apply to your leave, and more.
  3. Call Unum back, and verify that your leave request went through. Unum will assign you a leave specialist, who will be your point of contact throughout your leave.

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It can’t be that easy, right?

Alas. Leaves of absence involve your pay, your benefits, your job protection, and a bunch of state laws. We’ve consolidated all the information to make it as simple as possible. Use the Leave of Absence Decision Tree to help you figure out which type of leave is right for you. Use the Leave of Absence Playbook as a manual for your leave from start to finish.

View Leave of Absence Decision Tree View Leave of Absence Playbook

Types of Leave

Medical leave

Pregnancy leave

New parent time off

Family care leave

Intermittent leave

Personal leave

Extended personal leave of absence

Military leave

While you’re on leave

  • Spend your time on leave to care for yourself and your family. You will retain access to your Workday email and other applications, but you’re not expected to work or to check email. If you have questions, submit a People Guide Request.
  • If your network password expires while you’re on leave, you may not be able to access your laptop. Contact Business Technology at 877-951-9348 for password help.
  • Any pay you’re eligible for will be paid by Unum. You may set up direct deposit with Unum.
  • Your benefits will continue during your leave. You will repay any missed contributions via payroll deductions when you return to work. 
  • Deductions for your HSA, Dependent Care FSA, 401(K) or ESPP will stop while you’re being paid through Unum. However, if you receive eligible earnings (e.g., bonus or commission) from Workday during your leave, your current 401(K) and ESPP deductions will be made. If you have any questions or changes (e.g., a new return-to-work date), call Unum at 866-865-9092.

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  • PTO or FTO cannot be used to extend a leave at the beginning or end.
  • If you miss work for more than seven days for health reasons, you must make a medical leave claim.
  • Learn more about leaves of absence in the employee handbook.

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