What you need to know

Whether you have a cat named Fido or a Doberman named Fluffy, your family members with collars need medical care just like you—both preventive care and for the unexpected illness or injury. With pet insurance, you can help keep your cat or dog healthy. And you’ll have more peace of mind when the vet asks, “Does he like the taste of Legos?”

Pet insurance


  • You can enroll during Annual Enrollment or within 60 days of a qualifying life event. Qualifying life events include the adoption or birth of your cat or dog, or a pet passing away.
  • Visit the PetPartners website to enroll in, change, or manage your policy. Changes take effect on the first day of the month following your approved change.
  • Premiums are deducted each paycheck (24 pay periods) for convenient payroll deductions.
  • There are two plans to choose from:
    • Accident and Illness
    • Accident and Illness + Wellness
  • Visit the licensed veterinarian or clinic of your choice.
  • After you’ve met your annual deductible, PetPartners will reimburse a percentage of your claim, up to the annual maximum.

For more information, read the plan overview or the FAQ.



If your furry friends are covered by a Nationwide pet insurance policy, it will remain in effect unless you cancel it. However, payroll deductions are no longer supported. You can manage your Nationwide pet insurance policy on the website.

Visit the Nationwide site