What you need to know

You know that special feeling you get when you score a great deal? Well, you can experience that rush all the time. You have discounts on more than 30,000 products with Reward Gateway. And your medical plan includes a bunch of perks and discounts on health services.

Perks and discounts

All the perks

We’ve partnered with Reward Gateway to provide you with great discounts on tons of items, from groceries to home decor, computers to home electronics, and gym memberships to exercise equipment. The best part? There’s no cost—just sign up, and you’re all set to save.

Sign up with Workday Deals

  1. Visit the Workday Deals website.
  2. Create an account with your @workday.com email.
  3. Start shopping!

Be happy, be healthy

Your medical plan provides you with—*drumroll*—medical coverage. But it’s so much more than that! Workday health plans offer extra programs for plan members.

Healthy Rewards

If you’re enrolled in a Cigna plan, the expansive Healthy Rewards program is available to you. Healthy Rewards includes specialized health services like hearing aids, LASIK, nutritional programs, fitness and wellbeing discounts, and more.

Kaiser members also have a variety of exercise programs, including 100%-free video-based workout routines, and wellbeing resources to support sleep and emotional health.


Both Cigna and Kaiser members get $28 a month for gym memberships through Active&Fit! Find a fitness center near you to get started. If you are not enrolled in a Cigna or Kaiser plan, check out Workday Deals for available discounts.

Deal me in!

No sunglasses or buy-ins are required for this game. Your health plans include deals on more than we can describe here. Start exploring, and see what you can save on.

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