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“Live your best life” isn’t just a trendy phrase. Your wellbeing means eating well, forgiving yourself when you make mistakes, spending quality time with people you love, practicing self-care, and more. Wellbeing touches every part of your life. And Workday is here to support yours.

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Working at being well

For such a fun company, we take wellbeing very seriously. Hear what your Workmates are saying about what holistic wellbeing at Workday means to them.

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Maven Menopause support

Menopause is often a years-long journey, and symptoms can change over time. Maven Menopause is a specialized program to guide you through that journey.

After a guided intake process to understand your symptoms, you’ll receive a personalized care team that includes an OB-GYN and a career coach. You can discuss your symptoms, learn new ways to manage, and get 24/7 access to Maven’s resources and experts when you need a second opinion. Maven Menopause is available at no cost to you or your family members.

Want more information? Learn how Maven provides support, and then check out this example for how you can integrate Maven into your own life.

Team wellbeing experiences

It’s time to do something healthy together! You and your team can bond over mindfulness and fitness-focused outings, such as spin or yoga classes, a calming calligraphy course, or even a healthy cooking class. Our team has put together an extensive list of vendors to support your wellbeing, whether in person or virtually! Take a look at our external vendors list, and start planning your Team Wellbeing Experience today!

Wellbeing on Slack

Join Workmates from every corner of the globe in exploring all kinds of wellbeing topics on our #wellbeing Slack channel, from how to fuel your body and how to calm your mind, to our annual Wellbeing Week at Workday.

Well, well, well!

Look what we have here: $50 per month in your pocket to spend on a well-rounded lifestyle. 

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Learn something new every month

Nutrition. Mindfulness. Sleep. Gratitude. They’re all super important to your health and happiness, and they’re just some of the topics covered in our Wellbeing team’s monthly programming. Keep your eyes peeled on the #wellbeing Slack channel.

Support for days

For your hurdles at work and at home, RethinkCare has your back. RethinkCare provides free access to expert resources to help you better connect, understand, and communicate with others.

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