What you need to know

If you asked someone 50 years ago what cryptocurrency was, they probably would’ve given you a weird look. Things change over time, often in unpredictable ways. Your personal finances are no exception. Luckily, Northstar financial planners are here to guide you. And here’s the best part: They know all about Workday’s compensation and benefits package.

Manage your money with the pros

Workmates (that’s you!) have a membership to Northstar’s certified financial planners (CFPs) at no cost. With Northstar you can: 

  • Chat one-on-one with your own CFP 
  • Use Northstar’s budgeting and decision tools
  • Create a custom financial plan with expert advice
  • Automatically save for the future without having to switch between your accounts 
  • Receive financial benefits and equity advice 
  • Receive financial planning support for all life stages—just starting your career, starting a family, retirement planning, and more

All information you share with Northstar is 100% confidential, and your CFP is your advocate. Questions? Log in to the Northstar website to speak with an advisor.

Sign me up!

Just go to Northstar’s website to get started with your free Northstar subscription. To sign up, enter your Workday email address, and then create an account with your personal email address. From then on, use your personal email to sign in to your account.

Activate your account

The right match

Once you create an account, you’ll be matched with your personal Northstar CFP. Once your CFP reaches out, you have unlimited access to your advisor (within reason—they probably won’t answer at 1 a.m.).

Northstar webinars

Northstar’s special Workmate webinars are packed with helpful information about how to get started on your financial planning journey and how to take advantage of your financial planning benefit. Register for any webinar on the Events page. Couldn’t make it? Not to worry! Most are available on demand.

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