What you need to know

Raising a child isn’t a one-size-fits-all thing. Every kid is different and has unique needs, strengths, and challenges. And then there’s you, trying your best to figure out how to raise that little person to be the best they can be. Your Workday-paid subscription to RethinkCare is ready for duty. 

Time off

Do it for the children

Whether your child is struggling in school, the terrible twos are becoming the terrible fives, or it’s something else, RethinkCare has resources to guide you. RethinkCare is an online education and support platform for you and your family with free one-on-one consultations and over 9,000 self-guided sessions. It’s the perfect tool to support your ongoing family needs.

RethinkCare offers:

  • Free one-on-one consultations and on-demand resources from board-certified behavior analysts to address your child’s unique needs, including learning disabilities, autism spectrum disorder, and Down syndrome
  • Guided courses for caregivers on practicing self-care, while helping kids build skills around paying attention, staying organized, controlling emotions and impulses, and more
  • Caregiving guidance for neurodivergent and neurotypical children

Certified behavior analysts have virtual consultations with your child—and, separately, with you—to help your family work through behavioral issues, potty training, and everything in between. RethinkCare is available to all Workmates, but it’s especially valuable to families with neurodivergent children or young adults who need some extra attention.

Each household gets one RethinkCare login, which includes you and your spouse or domestic partner, to support the whole family.

RethinkCare is taking off!

This is a pilot program through April 2024, which means we’re just testing things out. We’ll judge its success by a number of factors, but one of the most important is your feedback. Sign up for RethinkCare with the access code WORKDAY101. And make sure you download the app! RethinkCare was designed to be used on a mobile device.

Get started

The caregiving kitchen sink

Caregivers are superheroes, and the caregiver benefits we offer are diligent sidekicks. Those benefits work in tandem, and you can use them all, but each one excels in different areas.

RethinkCare is tailored toward addressing behavioral health and neurodiverse needs, with one-on-one consultations when you need them. It’s a great resource for parents or those taking care of adults.

Maven is for family planning, prenatal care, adoption, and pediatric care up to age 10. These resources can help current and expecting parents with mental health support, anxiety, parenting strategy, and career support.

Wellthy is a care concierge benefit to help you with the planning details of caregiving. For administrative support, a dedicated Care Coordinator can schedule appointments, find providers, and work through insurance details for you.