What you need to know

Pink or blue? Planning time off from work for pregnancy can be an exciting time. But the need for time off can also come from out of the blue: a tumble down the stairs or a sudden illness. With disability insurance, you’ll be financially supported for those planned—and unplanned—situations.

Short-term disability (California)

Short-term disability (outside California)

Long-term disability (LTD)

  • Pays 60% of your base salary, up to $15,000 a month, after 180 days of disability.
  • You’ll be enrolled automatically in the nontaxable-benefit plan, which means you pay income tax from each paycheck on the cost of the coverage, but any disability benefits you receive will be paid out tax-free.
  • You can opt into a taxable-benefit plan, which means you won’t pay income tax on the value of the plan's cost from each paycheck, but the benefits will be taxed when they’re paid out.

Taxes now or later?

You’re automatically enrolled in the nontaxable-benefit LTD plan. But you can switch to the taxable-benefit plan in Workday as a new employee or during Annual Enrollment.


Find out more about long-term disability coverage by reviewing the LTD Plan Highlights 2020 or the LTD Certificate of Coverage.