What you need to know

Ever feel like you need a coach to help you navigate life’s challenges? Feeling slightly overwhelmed with a personal matter and need someone to talk to? Need help finding child care or elder care resources, but don’t know where to start? MyLifeCoach, an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) powered by Optum, can help with these and more. Consultations, referrals, counseling, and other resources—MyLifeCoach can help you sort through the issues and move forward with confidence.


  • Completely confidential, 24/7 service
  • Unlimited phone consultations with a MyLifeCoach service representative
  • Up to 10 short-term, face-to-face counseling sessions for a range of issues, including work, relationship and marriage troubles, anxiety, stress, and substance-use treatment and recovery
  • Legal and financial consultation services (30-minute sessions)
  • Child care, elder care, and other family support
  • 24/7 access to the Live and Work Well website (access code: WorkdayUS) with information, advice, and support to help you improve your wellbeing—including self-assessments, mental health screeners, articles, and more

Onsite EAP consultant

Whether you need support to manage stress, address concerns at home, or find tips on how to make your happiness a priority, our dedicated U.S. onsite EAP consultant is here to listen. One-on-one, confidential sessions are available in person in Pleasanton or by telephone or video at no cost to all U.S. Workmates. Visit the Onsite EAP Consultant page for information on how to book a session.

My life coach