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Your legs (and heart) pumping, sound of wind in your ears, cruising around traffic jams—what’s better than riding your bicycle to work? How about saving a bundle of money on a new bike? The Cycle to Work scheme allows you to hire a bike with pre-tax money from your pay cheque.

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  • You’re eligible from your first day of employment—assuming you haven’t participated in the previous five years and will use your bike for some part of your journey to work.
  • Hire a bike and equipment up to the value of £3,000, and deduct the cost from your gross salary over 12 months. You don’t pay tax or National Insurance on the cost of your bike or accessories, and you can then buy them for a fraction of their original value. It’s like a year-round bike sale!
  • Workday have partnered with Cyclescheme to help you hire your dream bike. Order a bike online, and connect with a participating cycle shop. Learn how to enroll.

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The process takes about two weeks from the day you submit your request. Once you receive your voucher/code, you may collect your bike and accessories, and the cost will be deducted over the following 12 monthly pay periods.

Here’s the official GOV.UK information about the Cycle to Work scheme.

If you have a query, submit a People Guide Request.