What you need to know

Happiness, health, movement, nutrition. They’re the four pillars of our wellbeing philosophy. And they’re our motivators for offering you lots of great wellness resources. We want you to keep feeling your best, in a way that works for you. And if you have some fun in the process, all the better.

workday employees exercising

Working at being well

For such a fun company, we take wellbeing very seriously. Hear what your Workmates are saying about what it means to support holistic wellbeing at Workday.

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Wellbeing subsidy

Boost your health and your wealth. We’ll reimburse you up to US$600 per year, subject to benefit-in-kind, to support not only your physical health, but your mental health, too. We’re talking gym memberships, group fitness classes, fitness trackers, guided meditation apps, or even a yoga retreat to unwind and recharge. Here’s more.


Workday have partnered with MyActiveDiscounts to open a world of fitness on your smart device and save you up to 46%. Stream your favourite workouts at home, from yoga and Pilates to BODYCOMBAT and BODYPUMP. 

Visit myactivediscounts.co.uk, and enter company reference: STAYACTIVE and your work email address.

Peer Support Networks

Sometimes, we all need a little support. Peer Support Networks centre around one core philosophy: Members have a shared experience that has caused hardship or difficulties and wish to serve as a support resource for, and to learn from, other members of the network. They offer a chance for Workmates to share resources or strategies that might be useful based on personal experience in a comfortable, informal setting. Learn more.

Onsite services

Here’s one less excuse for not taking steps to be healthy. We bring wellbeing services right to you at work: massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, physiotherapy, flu jabs, dental check-ups, and midwife support. You pay for some services, whilst others are covered under the health and dental plans.

Fruit and healthy snack programme

We have fresh fruit delivered to the office twice a week and always keep nuts and yoghurts on hand. Snack away!

Speciality spaces

When you need to take a break from the party, our offices have private rooms perfect for prayer, meditation, nursing, or moments of silence.

Wellbeing on Slack

Join Workmates from every corner of the globe in exploring all kinds of wellbeing topics on our #wellbeing Slack channel, from how to fuel your body and how to calm your mind, to our annual Wellbeing Week at Workday.