What you need to know

Your legs (and heart) pumping, sound of wind in your ears, cruising around traffic jams—what’s better than riding your bicycle to work? How about saving a bundle of money on a new bike? The Cycle to Work scheme allows you to pay for a bike with pretax money from your pay cheque.

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  • You’re eligible from your first day of employment—assuming you haven’t participated in the previous five years and will use your bike for some part of your journey to work.
  • Purchase a bike and equipment, and the cost (up to €1,000) will be deducted from your gross salary, so you don’t pay tax, PRSI, or USC on this amount. Plus, the cost is spread over two months.
  • Workday have partnered with TravelHub to offer over 300 bike retailers across Ireland. 
  • You can also order a bike online through TravelHub.

Ready to ride?

TravelHub are ready to get you on the road.

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The process can take two to three weeks from the day you submit your request. Once you receive your voucher/code, the cost will be deducted over the following two pay periods.

Revenue have the official Cycle to Work Scheme rules.

If you have a query, submit a People Guide Request.